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Prince William County May Market Statistics

REALTOR® Association of Prince William (PWAR) has gathered Prince William County's most recent market statistics, generated by SmartCharts, an affiliate website of Real Estate Business Intelligence (RBI). The market statistics are gathered through data provided by the Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS), which serves as the multiple listing service for Prince William County.   A total of 881 homes were sold in May 2017, an increase of 6.9 percent compared to May 2016 closed sales. The number of new pending increased this month by 5.5 percent year-over-year, from 1,052 pending to 1,110. New listings also increased significantly this month by 14 percent year-over-year, from 1,147 new…
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Most everyone with any relocating experience should recognize ‘the moment.’

No matter how much advance thought and elbow grease you’ve put in, that’s the moving day moment when everything seems to starts happening at once, and there’s literally no time left to attend to the stray details you’ve been meaning to take care of … 

It’s all but inevitable: the yellow pad that you’ve organized with all the Montclair Community, Dumfries VA  contact information you need today more than any other day: why, it’s packed! and sealed! inside one of the cartons that’s already out there in the van! 

When you’re relocating from (or to) Montclair Community, Dumfries VA  the unplanned will always happen. Nevertheless, you can control the areas that have the most

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·         Most Port Potomac, Woodbridge home sellers who have owned and lived in their primary residence for at least two of the preceding five years can exclude $250,000 of any gain (up to $500k for those filing joint returns). This is a gigantic incentive for homeownership. The major exception comes for those who have taken this deduction within the previous two years.


·         You may be able to deduct losses from an income property, though Port Potomac, Woodbridge home sellers may not deduct losses from the sale of their primary residence. Why not? Ask the rule-makers!


·         Special rules are likely to apply to Port Potomac, Woodbridge home sellers who received the one-timeFirst Time Home Buyer Credit when they bought their

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June Home Sales, with an 8 percent Jump, Yielded Close to List Price, Reports the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors®   Fairfax - "Our nation's consumer confidence index rose beyond expectations, and our market data shows that local buyers and sellers share that confidence, with evidence from the 8 percent increase in June home sales compared to last year," said 2017 Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® Chair Bob Adamson. "Today's buyers, optimistic about their long-term employment, have been careful about each listing's location, price and condition," Adamson said. "They also pay attention to the home's age, updates and likely commute times," he explained.
Noting lean, affordable inventory among available listings, CEO Ryan…
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With more than 43 million people relocating throughout the U.S. every year, you don’t have to wait until you are surrounded by stacks of cartons to realize how important it is to make your next move the right one. If you’re buying a house in Montclair, Dumfries  in the foreseeable future, it’s a particularly valuable idea to take the time to chat with some of your potential new neighbors. And while you’re at it, why not bring up a few relevant questions:

Which schools are best? 

School quality affects more than just property values. Especially if you have your own kids, buying a house in Montclair, Dumfries  is least disruptive when their new school is the best one available. You’ll make the soundest choice by comparing more than one parent’s

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As home prices continue to rise throughout most of the nation, sooner or later people begin to wonder whether we’ve crossed the threshold dividing undervalued from overvalued. Pundit shorthand for “overvalued” has gradually become almost synonymous with the far more fear-inducing term, “Bubble.” As with the chewing gum and soap-blowing varieties, the term can’t help but conjure up visions of the associated “Pop!”

Just worrying that we are in a home pricing bubble can cause sleepless nights and worse — financial paralysis. As home prices in Port Potomac, Woodbridge VA  move higher, it’s natural to wonder if they are truly justified by economic fundamentals. While no one wants to be on the other side of wrong, no one wants to miss great deals on Port

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You are buying a second home: this will be more than a sizeable investment — by any measure, it’s a considerable personal achievement as well.

That second home may be a family retreat, a vacation property you will be renting out (at least part time); or a pure income-producing rental. When a realistic appraisal says that you won’t be able to devote much time and attention to your new holding, the way to fill that gap is to locate an experienced Westridge, Woodbridge property manager.

As you will learn, it’s a specialized field. According to the latest studies, the median income for property managers nationwide tops $80,000 per year — a pretty trustworthy real world indicator that what they do has substantial value. If your second home is going to do

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               You are doing some serious house-hunting.

               You’ve been Googling ‘newest Montclair, Dumfries listings’, but when you click on the most popular sites, somehow the ‘newest Montclair, Dumfries listings’ are the same ones you’ve seen before. Worse, some of them turn out to have been sold! Or the price was wrong! Or the agent isn’t even the agent anymore!

               What is going on? Doesn’t Google (or Bing, or Yahoo!) promise to show you sites with the newest listings in Montclair, Dumfries? How can the most popular sites (at the top of their results page: Zillow, Realty.com, Trulia) be showing ‘newest listings’ that were sold last month? Or contact numbers that take you to an answering machine that never calls back?

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After weeks of dealing with inspections, appraisals, repairs, and the sheaf of paperwork created by your mortgage company, The Final Walk-Through should come as a welcome relief to those buying a home in Westridge, Woodbridge this summer. Despite its ominous name, that final walk-through is anything but — it provides the last layer of protection for the new homebuyers

Typically occurring in the final 24 hours before the scheduled close of escrow, this is no mere formality. It’s your ultimate opportunity to inspect the home and ensure that it is in the same condition as when you agreed to purchase it. It is also your chance to make sure that the seller has completed any agreed-upon repairs and to see that the home is being turned over in “broom clean”

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Getting a mortgage in Port Potomac, Woodbridge these days can be more involved than in years past, not least because their historically low rates make them so desirable. That loan can make or break a fantastic deal — the kind of deal you don’t want to lose when you come across it! Central to the process of getting a mortgage is your mortgage broker…but how do you know when you’ve found a great one?

These are some of the qualities I believe most often point to the answer:  

  • Truly outstanding mortgage brokers get tons of referrals from previous clients and their real estate agents…while other less well-appreciated or experienced brokers must constantly solicit new business. BUT (a very important ‘but’) that is not to say that a mortgage broker who
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