Do you know that you can own a home with as little as $0 money down? When you buy a home you have two major costs. The first is the down payment, and the second is your closing costs. Closing costs are roughly 3% of the sales price. For example: on a home sale price of $300,000, your approximate closing costs will be $9,000.


Down payment: we work with various lenders who offer loan programs with $0 money down. That will take care of your down payment. Click to connect with a $0 down lender to see if you qualify.

Closing costs: With our Realtors for Heroes Program, we can help you with some of your closing costs. Click to see if you qualify.

For the remaining closing costs, we can always attempt to negotiate with the sellers. If all works in your favor, you can purchase a home with $0 from your pocket.

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