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Selecting a Realtor to sell your home or investment property can be a challenging decision to make. Which real estate agent do you appoint? There are plenty to choose from, and many are skilled at highlighting the reasons you should select them over their competitors. It can get confusing. However, there is a practical approach to determining who might be best suited to list your property. The following are some areas that a seller would be well advised to review and assess for each potential agent that they might be considering.

1. Local Experience
There are many different cities and communities spanning Northern Virginia, and each is a distinct market with its own particular character, demographics, housing types, and amenities. Consequently, we don't take a "one size fits all" selling strategy approach. The marketing strategy that we take for each home we sell is tailored to the property type, neighborhood, and class of buyer who will most likely be interested in the home.

At The Team USA, we take great pride in the way we market our clients' properties. With offices in Lake Ridge, Occoquan, Springfield, Fairfax, and Alexandria, our team of agents collectively possess a deep body of experience in real estate sales across Northern Virginia. We are part of the community, and you will benefit from our intimate knowledge of current trends, housing demand, availability, and property values across all local neighborhoods.

We have a people focus with the aim of making you a client for life. With over 12 years of local experience, we have an in-depth understanding of what drives each local market, and we use these factors to help maximize the value of your property.

2. A Proven Track Record
One method to determine the track record of an agent is to look for customer testimonials and references. These will tell you what areas the agent has previously sold properties in, and whether the client was happy with the service they received. Don't limit yourself to the agent's website, as the testimonials there, if any, will be handpicked. Use Google to also search for the agent or agency's name together with the keyword "reviews" in order to find feedback posted on third party websites like Yelp and Zillow. Look for comments that refer to the agent's availability, personal attention, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Next, look to see if the agency has won any awards. We have been honored with numerous awards for our service since 2004, including the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as Top Producers & Multi-Million Dollar awards by the local association of Realtors. If an agency consistently achieves top awards, there's a reason for it. It indicates that they are good at what they do, and that people keep coming back to this agency.

The benefits to you in working with a Realtor with consistent proven results can be significant. Not only is the agent more likely to achieve a premium sales price, but the entire process also has higher odds of being problem-free and less stressful.

3. In Person Interview
As we're likely talking about the sale of your most valuable asset, it's worth doing some due diligence to ensure you entrust it with a capable and trustworthy agent. Conduct your preliminary research online, and then create a shortlist of two to three agents, and setup a time to meet with them. Explain your desired outcome, both price and timewise, and see if they display genuine enthusiasm at helping you achieve that outcome. Can the agent present you with a clear, step-by-step marketing strategy that outlines their suggestions for achieving that outcome?

Ask about their commission structure and what they will receive for the successful sale of your home. Press them to see how flexible they are with this. This will reveal their negotiation style. Skilled real estate agents should also be expert negotiators, and that includes remaining professional, unemotional, and open to all requests and suggestions. This said, a Realtor who is quick to lower his or her commission should be approached with caution. They might really need the business, which might make them willing to sacrifice your home's sale price just as easily in order complete the transaction and get their commission faster.

On a personal level, are you comfortable with this person? Do they appear sincere or superficial? You will be working closely with your Realtor during the sales period and letting them into your home for showings. If you get along well and your instincts tell you they are sincere, you will be increasing your chances of a smooth and stress-free sales process.

4. Backed by a Solid Network#1 RE/MAX Team
We operate as a RE/MAX franchisee. This gives us direct access to the parent company's listings network, and a highly productive and extensive industry marketing system. The parent website is one of the most visited real estate listing websites in the country. It is popular not only because of the size of the parent company and the number of RE/MAX franchise offices, but also because carries homes for sale listed by other real estate agencies. This makes it a popular and comprehensive real estate search portal on a similar level as and Your property is likely to enjoy wider exposure among buyers when you use us.

5. Pricing
Some agents can initially set an overly optimistic price expectation in the hope of obtaining your listing. They know that if your home doesn't sell for a few months, they can always advise to bring the price down until the sale is made. The downside is that you can lose valuable time in the process. We never engage in this less than honest practice.

We have an intimate knowledge of trends, housing demand and current values across all Northern Virginia counties, cities and neighborhoods. We will give you an honest and realistic estimate of what your home will likely sell for in today's market. From there, you can decide to list a little higher if you are not in a hurry and your primary goal is to achieve a premium price. Or we can list a little lower if you're in a hurry to sell. Either way, we can suggest informed and accurate pricing that will correlate with your goals.

6. Marketing
We take great pride in the way we market our clients' properties. We tailor a marketing strategy for each home we sell according to its type, neighborhood, and the demographic of buyers who will most likely be interested in the home. In addition to online listings, we can market your home in our window displays, using flyers, and by organizing open house days. Once we have assessed your home, ask us for the plan and marketing strategy we have tailored for it. We will be happy to share it with you in detail.

We will also advise you on what you can do to optimize the appeal and value of your home during the sales period. Many of these things are covered within the videos on our Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale webpage. However, we will let you know the top items we think you should focus on that will create a favorable impression among buyers. As each home is unique, we don't adopt a one size fits all approach to improving the marketability of your property.

7. Negotiating
Good negotiating skills are essential to a top-flight real estate agent. In all negotiations, our mandate is to fulfil your expectations of sales price and timeframe. We aim to be fully open and approachable, and to make our interactions with both buyers and sellers as pleasant as possible. That includes remaining unemotional, objective and professional, and being open to dealing thoroughly with all issues raised.

8. Security
Having potential buyers come through and inspect every room in your home can feel a little bit intrusive. We understand the potential risks, so we make sure to pre-screen and supervise all showings in order to maximize your security.

RE/MAX For Sale SignWe offer an honest and ethical approach, and personal attention to the sale your property. We are available to advise, assist and guide you through every step of the sales process. From the appraisal to our marketing strategy, to showings, to an inspection, to meeting any tradespeople who may be required for renovations or repairs, to answering questions pertaining to the financing or escrow process.

Our aim is to make you a client for life, and it is this purpose that shapes and drives our level of service and commitment to you.

For a genuinely different service, please call us on 1-888-884-3396 or complete the form towards the bottom of our Free Home Value Estimate webpage. We will be happy to share our advice and insights regarding your sale plans. We are always ready to help out with a smile and we look forward to working with you soon.

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