The City of Manassas is located about 30 miles south-west of downtown Washington, DC, and encompasses zip codes 20108 through 20113. It is home to over 41,000 residents, spread across more than 13,000 households, over a land area of 9.9 square miles. A range of housing options are available within Manassas, from single-family homes, to townhomes, duplexes, and condominiums.

There are five public elementary schools in Manassas: Baldwin, Dean, Haydon, George C. Round, and Weems. Mayfield Intermediate School caters to grades 5 and 6, while grades 7 and 8 are served by Grace E. Metz Middle School. Osbourn High School serves grades 9 through 12. Two VRE stations are located in the city: Manassas Station at 9451 West Street, and Broad Run Station adjacent to the Manassas Regional Airport. The Manassas Amtrak Station is located at 9431 West Street and serves three routes: the Cardinal to Chicago, the Crescent to New Orleans, and the Northeast Regional to Boston.

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