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The single biggest issue on most home seller's minds is how to achieve the highest sale price possible in the least amount of time. While every agent will promise to sell your home, the reality of the real estate market today is that this simply doesn't always happen.

We set ourselves apart from other companies by being accountable and putting the client first. In other words, we don’t just promise to sell your home, we guarantee it.

Our 21 Days or Free Guarantee is as simple as this: we guarantee to sell your home within 21 days or we will sell it for FREE. If your home sits on the market for more than 21 days from the time we list it, we will continue to market it aggressively but charge you zero commission for ourselves.  Basically, your house will be sold in 21 days or less or the listing side commission is free. 

We’re taking all the risk, so you don’t have to! You get peace of mind and a FAST sale. As you know, the faster the sale, the better off you are. A shorter marketing period usually means less number of people wandering through your house, and most importantly, higher sales price.

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